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About Modernous

Modernous works with clients in Seattle and Palm Springs to create beautiful, livable, modern spaces. Services include home staging (Seattle only), interior design, and project management.

We specialize in modern design, including the mid-century modern genre, integrating a variety of modern ideals into a cohesive design, since the essence of a modern design remains constant throughout the decades.

The pioneers of the modern movement stripped away excess, unnecessary adornments to highlight the simple beauty of a well-designed object. Modernous exists to pay homage to the birth of this movement in the middle of the 20th century, by creating timeless spaces that feature the best of modern design.

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About Sally Julien

The founder of Modernous, Sally is a refugee from high-tech corporate America who is following her talents, heart and passions.  Her client-service and project-management chops follow her to Modernous where they merge with her refined aesthetic, design experience, bursts of creativity and love for a well-designed object of any type.




About MCM

To learn more about the origins of mid-century modern, or see answers to frequently asked questions about creating an MCM space in your home, read this! And if you still have questions, feel free to drop us a line.