Aqua Lair hosts 425’s Fall Fashion Shoot

Posted on by Sally Julien

In July, the Aqua Lair provided a unique background for the Fall Fashion issue of 425 Magazine.  It was super fun to spend the day watching all that goes into a shoot “behind the scenes,” and the results are awesome.  Take a look here or online!

a425 Fashion 1
425 Fashion2_Page_1
425 Fashion2_Page_2
425 Fashion2_Page_3
425 Fashion2_Page_4
425 Fashion3_Page_1
425 Fashion3_Page_2
425 Fashion3_Page_3
425 Fashion3_Page_4
425 Fashion4_Page_1
425 Fashion4_Page_2
425 Fashion4_Page_3
425 Fashion4_Page_4
425 Fashion5_Page_1
425 Fashion5_Page_2
a 425 Fashion5_Page_3
a425 Fashion 1425 Fashion2_Page_1425 Fashion2_Page_2425 Fashion2_Page_3425 Fashion2_Page_4425 Fashion3_Page_1425 Fashion3_Page_2425 Fashion3_Page_3425 Fashion3_Page_4425 Fashion4_Page_1425 Fashion4_Page_2425 Fashion4_Page_3425 Fashion4_Page_4425 Fashion5_Page_1425 Fashion5_Page_2a 425 Fashion5_Page_3