Photo: Lara Swimmer

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Staging a home that’s for sale increases it’s emotional appeal, selling it faster and for a higher price by helping buyers visualize themselves living there. And (counter-intuitively!) a room looks bigger with furniture than without.

Modernous tells the story of a home by staging it with both new and vintage furnishings and décor that appeal to today’s buyer. Equally at home in a mid-century home and a bungalow, Modernous’s inventory will show off the best features of a home.

Home staging services are available across the Greater Seattle area, and range from a brief consultation and recommendation report to a full staging, including: design, furniture delivery, placement and rental, repair recommendations and project management.

Photo: Lara Swimmer

Interior Design

Modernous was founded on a passion for modern architecture. It will help anyone with a penchant for modern design achieve their goals, and can mix high and low (or low and lower!) to achieve a great modern look on a variety of budgets.

We believe that preservation can be achieved without sacrificing function or convenience. Honoring and preserving the original intention of an architect while taking advantage of the technology of today creates a warm, comfortable, and livable modern space.

While the end result has to be smashing, we believe enjoying the process is as important. We are passionate, reliable and professional and will help guide clients throughout the process for maximum fun and minimal stress. Billing transparency and flat fees for most projects removes the guesswork.

Mixing different eras of modern design can provide a warm and livable modern space. Whether your tastes are pure mid-century modern, industrial, minimalist, brutalist, warm, organic or eclectic, Modernous can design the room or house of your dreams.

Photo: Lara Swimmer

Project Management

For busy professionals, Modernous can work to manage most facets of your project, whether that is a new build, remodel or extensive staging project.  Utilizing world-class project-management experience honed in high-tech corporate America and through managing large remodels, Modernous can handle the details of any project impeccably and efficiently.